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NHEP Workplace Success Program Coordinator (Derry - 37.5hrs/wk)

The NHEP Workplace Success Program (WPS) Coordinator will provide job search assistance, job readiness instruction, embedded training, and coordinate on-site and off-site Work Experience (WEP)/Service Bureau opportunities; and deliver basic vocational skills through group and individualized instruction to TANF public assistance recipients referred by local NHEP Employment Counselor Specialists.

Works under the direction of the SNHS WPS Regional Manager.


EDUCATION: Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree from an approved college or university in social work, psychology, counseling, education or business administration or a related field.

EXPERIENCE: Minimum of two (2) years of professional work experience in counseling, teaching, social services or business involving career counseling, employee development, social work or human resources. Experience in assisting individuals in finding employment, knowledge of the principles and methods of assessment and career counseling; experience or an ability to demonstrate an understanding of working with low-income populations or hard-to-serve individuals (e.g., limited English Speaking, learning disabled); experience with and/or a strong familiarity with local and statewide educational and social services; experience in or an ability to demonstrate skills in job development and marketing with employers, and experience in classroom or group instruction.

LICENSE/CERTIFICATION: Possession of a valid New Hampshire driver's license and/or have access to transportation for program-related travel.

ADDITIONAL RECOMMENDED WORK TRAITS: Knowledge of and/or experience with the barriers and issues that affect low income families. Willingness to work creatively with participants to meet their needs and help them resolve identified job barriers. Ability to motivate and energize individuals to work towards employment goals. Ability to evaluate personal characteristics, physical capabilities, education, work background, abilities and interests of clients. Ability to actively engage local employers in providing work opportunities for adult job seekers. Knowledge of a variety of occupations and industries in the area. Possess a high degree of organization and creativity. Ability to apply DHHS procedures, rules and regulations. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with program clients, employers, co-workers agency Partner staff, and the general public. Ability to work as a team. Excellent organizational skills and ability to multi-task in dynamic class setting. Knowledge of basic computer programs such as e-mail, Internet, and word-processing. Must maintain professional appearance and behavior as a positive role model to WPS participants.

1. Teach/facilitate classes in job readiness, job search, job skills training directly related to employment, and prepare participants for Alternative Work Experience (AWEP), Community Work Experiences (CWEP), and On-the-Job Training (OJT) activities by using a variety of teaching methods, Zoom conferencing technology, and communication techniques including computer-based models that allow individuals to work independently and/or demonstrate proficiency by testing out of certain competency areas.
2. Assist Community Job Specialists in the identification and development of on-site and off-site WEP/Service Bureau opportunities in fields such as health, social service, environmental protections, education, urban and rural development, welfare, recreation, public safety and child care, in collaboration with local non-profit agencies, faith-based organizations, local government entities or other community agencies. Service Bureau work assignment examples include computer projects, mailings, clerical support, data entry, customer service calls, and many other service projects to benefit the community. Structured training includes customer service skills, telephone skills, business writing skills, and workplace survival skills.
3. Adhere to NHEP WPS policy and procedures; achieve quantitative performance goals, and deliver quality customer services regarding:

a. Daily NHEP Orientation of participants entering the program;
b. Providing an extensive and thorough vocational assessment for each NHEP participant; preparing a summary of the assessment results; and developing a Career Pathway Plan to be provided to the NHEP Employment Counselor Specialist (ECS);
c. Collecting baseline data on participants’ skill level;
d. Obtain, execute, and deliver structured programs, embedded activities and community services projects, monitor participant attendance and inform the NHEP ECS on a daily basis of any NHEP participant attendance issues or absences;
e. Assist in the development of on-site and off-site WEP/Service Bureau opportunities;
f. Monitoring daily participant attendance and informing the NHEP Employment Counselor Specialist of any client attendance issues;
g. Facilitating participants’ engagement with the use of other community resources, while assisting participants in resolving obstacles to participation that may arise during his/her attendance in the WPS;
h. Accurately tracking and verifying individual NHEP participant participation in program, and providing verification documentation to the NHEP ECS, preparing and providing to the NHEP ECS weekly individual participant progress reports that include: written observations of the participant’s performance, a summary of the participant’s progress in the program, and recommendations for subsequent NHEP activities appropriate for the participant;
i. Communication with the NHEP Employment Counselor to address any client barriers to employment requiring support services and/or to address any remedial action or sanctions needed to cure client behavior or performance issues in the WPS;
j. Review of client evaluations to improve effectiveness of WPS activities;
k. Assistance to the NHEP Employment Counselor in preparing the client for transition into Work Experience Placement (WEP), On-the-Job training (OJT), or other countable NHEP work activities to ensure continued client engagement toward meeting federal work participation requirements; and
l. Coordination with Community Job Specialist to review vocational assessment and career planning materials, to develop a pertinent Work Activity Plan with the participant, and to select an appropriate Work Experience Program host site

4. Assist as needed in the coordination of services between the NHEP Local Teams and the WPS.
5. Provide full coverage for and/or additional support to WPS Coordinators in other locations as assigned by the WPS Regional Manager.
6. Model the work dress, behavior, and demeanor that are expected of program participants in the workplace.

1. Attend staff training sessions as requested by the SNHS NHEP Administrator and/or DFA management.
2. Attend regular meetings with the local NHEP team and local partner meetings.
3. Prepare required weekly and/or monthly reports and other ad hoc program reports as requested in a timely and accurate fashion. Enter participant activity and outcome data in the established WPS Activity Reports consistent with required Report Instructions and other official releases.
4. Complete written casework documentation for participants as prescribed.
5. Prepare Community Action Agency (CAP) time sheets and staff mileage sheets as required in each payroll period.
6. Provide full coverage for and/or additional support to WPS Coordinators and/or Community Job Specialists in other locations as assigned by the WPS Regional Program Manager.
7. Adhere to the DHHS & Community Action Code of Ethics.
8. Be knowledgeable about eligibility requirements for Community Action Agency workforce development programs, such as the Workforce Investment Act (WIOA), as well as other key local CAP programs.
9. Maintain close coordination with CAP and NHEP Partner Agency local program staff. Gain knowledge about local CAP programs and services in the area such as Head Start, WIC, and Fuel/Energy Assistance and facilitate the cross-training of NHEP Team members regarding CAP programs to benefit NHEP clients.
10. Present a professional and positive image as a representative of CAP at all times and promote a positive, team-based working relationship with Field Support Managers and DFA Administrators.
11. Perform all other duties assigned.

Southern New Hampshire Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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