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NH Employment Program (NHEP) Administrator (35 hrs/wk)

The NH Employment Program (NHEP) Administrator manages the complex implementation and oversight of NH Employment Program (NHEP) and its related Combined Service Program (CSP), also known as the Workplace Success Program (WPS), in a highly coordinated interagency environment consistent with the goals, objectives, and contractual requirements set forth by Southern NH Services (SNHS), NH Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) and its Division of Economic & Housing Stability (DEHS), Bureau of Employment Supports (BES).

Received: Works under the direct supervision of the Workforce & Community Services Operations Director, and general supervision of the Deputy Director.

Exercised: Provide supervision and guidance to WPS Program Regional Managers, OJT Program Manager, WPS Program Resources Manager, SNHS NHEP Field Support Managers, NHEP Quality Assurance Manager, NHEP Program Assistant and other contracted field staff positions directly engaged in the delivery of NHEP or CSP/WPS activities and services.

RATE: $68,000 to $75,000 annually based on experience

• Establish, monitor, and achieve the NHEP program objectives and goals described in the NHEP /CSP contract with DHHS.

• Implement policies and participate in the development of policies for effective program operations consistent and compliant with SNHS and DHHS/DEHS.

• Ensure interagency coordination in addressing and resolving program issues and problems.

• Coordinate the delivery of staff training regarding policy and procedure, program changes, new service approaches, etc.

• Serve as the SNHS Contract Administrator responsible for the overall implementation, management, operation, and oversight of the NHEP, WPS, and other assigned programs, including the performance of designated subcontractors. The position will:

o Ensure that staff carry out their functions described in the contract with DHHS and the       
   standard job descriptions, and adhere to project schedules, NH-DHHS and SNHS policy and 
   procedures, and performance measures and standards;
o Interface directly with the BES Chief and/or his designee; and
o Provide data, information, and reports to DHHS as requested.

• Provide leadership and organize the timely response to Requests for Proposals (RFPs), including development of grant narrative and detailed budgets with supporting detail.

• Ensure timely recruitment and continuous delivery of services when staff vacancies occur.

• Regularly monitor and evaluate effectiveness of SNHS and subcontractor program operations using internal and accepted BES performance measures and standards.

• Coordinate with SNHS’s Chief Financial Officer for the production of timely and accurate financial reports. Oversee and provide program evaluation, site capacity reports and other reporting requirements of the programs.

• Promote linkages with agency and community resources, NHEP, TANF Administration, child care resources, transportation providers and employers to ensure there is a collaborative approach to the provision of services to participants.

• Actively coordinate NHEP/WPS program activities and services with those of SNHS’s Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) program to the extent possible.

• Conduct annual employee evaluations of staff as required by SNHS and in consultation with appropriate BES Management, as appropriate.

• Address staff performance and/or disciplinary issues promptly.

• Attend training sessions and business meetings as requested by Executive management team and in some cases BES management.

• Visit NHEP and WPS program locations periodically to assess quality of operations of site and staff.

• Ensure that WPS and NHEP staff accurately maintain and update the New HEIGHTS computer system by adhering to NHEP requirements and other official releases.

• Assist as requested in the development of internal and BES-required program management reports and perform statistical analysis to identify & address areas of weak performance.

• Approve ADP time sheets and staff mileage sheets in each payroll period for SNHS staff; review and approve monthly subcontractor invoices for WPS expense reimbursements and submit to Fiscal Department for approval.

• Adhere to the DHHS and National Community Action Code of Ethics.

• Maintain professional boundaries with all current, past, and prospective clients, and maintain the confidentiality of clients and staff, in accordance with SNHS policy and procedure.

• Abide by all SNHS Safety policies and procedures.

• Present professional and positive image as a representative of SNHS.

• Responsible for having adequate knowledge of all SNHS programs and will gather sufficient intake information to make referrals to other SNHS programs which are beneficial to the client and his/her family.

• Perform other related duties as assigned.

• Strong program management and interpersonal skills, the position requires knowledge of effective workforce and economic strategies positively impacting low-income families and their members using Whole Family or 2-Generation program approaches.

• Development of pragmatic policies supporting the implementation of these strategies. Ability to create a positive work culture, motivate, and organize program staff to work as a team to achieve program goals.

• Ability to actively engage employers, agency and community-based organizations in providing work opportunities for adult job seekers.

• Ability to perform basic statistical research and analysis using program data.

• Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.

• Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with program participants, employers, State and private community agency Partner staff, subordinates, and the general public. Proficient in using common business computer software (e.g., MS Office), Internet, and e-mail.

• Must possess a valid driver’s license and be able to travel when needed.

• Bachelor’s degree (and/or Masters) from an approved college or university with a major study in social work, psychology, education, human services, sociology, counseling, behavioral science, or business/public administration and minimum seven (7) years as a social worker, counselor, or program manager in a public or private social service agency.

• Experience in a supervisory or management level position overseeing professional staff engaged in Job Readiness training, workforce development, teaching, career development, community organization/outreach, or program development/operations. Experience as outlined in lieu of education will be considered.

• Experience or an ability to demonstrate an understanding of barriers experienced by low-income families and/or hard-to-serve individuals (e.g., limited English Proficient, learning disabled); strong familiarity with local and statewide social services; demonstrated experience in program planning, public policy, and/or public administration.

• Experience or knowledge about eligibility requirements for other SNHS or Community Action Agency workforce development programs (such as the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA)) as well as other key SNHS and local CAP programs.

Southern New Hampshire Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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