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NHEP Operations Specialist (Concord - 37.5 hrs/52 wks)

Job Summary:

The NHEP Operations Specialist provides technical, administrative, research, and customer support to the management and professional staff located at the Department of Health and Human Services’ (DHHS) Bureau of Welfare to Work (BWW). This position will be assigned responsibilities and duties in support of the operation of the Bureau of Welfare to Work. This position requires extensive policy research, data analysis, collaboration, problem-solving, and positive interaction with a variety of internal and external customers of the Bureau including DHHS management, NHEP Field Support Managers (FMSs), NHEP team members, NHEP contractors, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) applicants and recipients. The position requires the incumbent to work on multiple tasks in a busy team-based work setting with a home office at the DHHS Administrative Offices in Concord, NH.

Supervision Received:
Works under the direct supervision of the NHEP Operations Manager.

Supervision Exercised:
The NHEP Operations Specialist does not exercise supervisory duties, but may be directed to take the lead on specific projects as assigned.

Bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university with major study in Human Services, Business, Public Administration, or Program Management; each additional year of approved formal education may be substituted for one (1) year of required work experience.

  • Experience in researching data to solve work problems or answer management and customer inquiries;
  • Experience in preparing statistical, financial, and other qualitative and quantitative reports;
  • Demonstrated ability to organize and maintain customer and contract records;
  • Evidence of positive customer relations and service;
  • Ability to coordinate multiple tasks and set priorities on a daily basis;
  • Excellent typing skills (minimum 60+ wpm preferred);
  • Ability to participate in policy level discussions with Management personnel;
  • Ability to effectively communicate research and report findings both verbally and in written form to Management;
  • Substantial expertise using Microsoft Windows, Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; database skills helpful; and
  • Prior work in the education, employment, counseling, and/or training field helpful.
General Responsibilities:
  • Works with Division of Family Assistance (DFA) management, FSMs, NHEP teams, and the TANF unit to assure field practices and the application of NHEP policy and procedures are published and implemented correctly in the NHEP Field Worker’s Guide;
  • Provides review of all available statistics and reports to examine participation rates, activity utilization, and client feedback
  • Works with DHHS management and FSMs to identify and perform tasks for improved program performance;
  • Participates and assists with Precision Case Management (PCM) and federal and state monitoring;
  • Compares reports and statistics to evaluate identified performance measures;
  • Coordinates and organizes documents and reports submitted from field staff;
  • Reviews documents and reports for accuracy and consistency;
  • Enters and records data in designated application software (e.g., New HEIGHTs, BRIDGES);
  • Prepares BWW reports and file documents appropriately;
  • Manages required databases;
  • Creates and maintains surveys and assessments using software such as Survey Monkey
  • Tracks and reports PCM monitoring and outcome data; Uses Word, Excel, and/or required database software to produce correspondence and ad hoc, monthly, and quarterly financial or program-related reports;
  • Uses e-mail to communicate with internal and external customers and distribute reports and documents;
  • Creates charts, tables, diagrams, flow charts, , etc., that depict BWW operations and performance outcomes, including tracking of contractor outcomes;
  • Provides coordination and assistance in the collection of client caseload, exit, and outcome data (e.g., volume of sanctions, number of open, closed, or denied cases);
  • Uses New HEIGHTS data to update existing management reports or produce ad hoc reports as needed;
  • Attends weekly PCM management meetings and other staff meetings as requested;
  • Establishes effective business systems and procedures to support NHEP operations;
  • Maintains the confidentiality of clients and staff in accordance with DHHS and SNHS policy and procedure;
  • Abides by all State and SNHS safety policies and procedures;
  • Presents professional and positive image at all times as a representative of SNHS;
  • Is responsible for having adequate knowledge of all SNHS programs by gaining knowledge of local CAP programs and services in the area such as Head Start, WIC, and Fuel/Energy Assistance; and
  • Performs other related duties as required.

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